About us

The global industry is constantly changing. But our claim remains constant: Highest quality and one hundred percent customer satisfaction is our benchmark.

Our success is based on a flair for innovation and an eye for detail. Our standard is: competence, continuity and reliability.

We prove this to our customers worldwide every day anew. HOSITO Ind. GmbH is an independent specia­list for the overhaul of passenger seats from all well-known manufacturers, as well as modifi­cations by our own development centre and we naturally also offer a spare parts supply for seat covers.

By building mutually beneficial, trustworthy and estab­lished partnerships to transform operational efficiency, we leverage our trusted and established supplier relationships to achieve maximum cost savings and efficiency gains for our customers.

We are highly valued for our critical service and have excellent sales and service solutions around the world. Our team is united in its focus and deter­mi­nation to provide customers with an outstanding range of flexible services to increase operational success and profitability.

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