Health in the first place through woven fabrics from HOSITO


01.02.2021, 15:09

woven fabrics for the preservation of health in humans We are proud to have developed with our development partner a fabric that has the following properties: - Antibacterial - Antiviral - Antistatic -...   mehr


Higher, further, better, more, ... the demands are constantly increasing, also in the passenger transport industry. More and more is expected of the products that passengers travel with. As a result, you as a provider of these products will come under increasing pressure to offer better products and services.

Since it is not economically viable for a shipping, rail or airline company to replace expensive installed equipment on a regular basis, we at HOSITO Ind. GmbH have the idea of using and upgrading the existing product. Therefore our philosophy is "Why always NEW? - simply improve existing ones!

This procedure has been common in the automotive industry for years. Existing models receive a so-called "facelift" at regular intervals. This serves the purpose of regularly presenting and offering the customer something new. It is a well-known phenomenon that the perception of a product by the public decreases with increasing awareness.

We believe that this idea is a cost-effective tool for airlines. This means that the cabin can be given a new visual presentation and technical innovations can be implemented without the need for complete overhauls.

In comparison, new seat projects are significantly more expensive as the airline is burdened with higher construction and maintenance costs. Often the entire aircraft fleet is equipped with new seats, which in turn causes high installation costs. Also, the implementation time of a complete seat replacement is significantly longer than a "facelift".

HOSITO Ind. GmbH can play a decisive role here in reducing the associated costs.

We provide spare parts in the form of kits - specifically for each individual aircraft. In doing so, we are guided by your specifications and requirements. For example, one kit can be implemented per passenger seat, which contains all the covers. This kit can also be produced with foam and cover.  This simplifies parts supply, reduces installation costs and reduces lead time. HOSITO Ind. GmbH thus accelerates the entire process of parts supply.

We at HOSITO Ind. GmbH stand for environmental protection and sustainability. That is why we have a strong partner in the field of reusing used leather and leather hide residues. For this product, HOSITO Ind. GmbH has secured the exclusive right for aviation, as we are convinced of this product.

The leather leftovers are shredded, re-finished, dyed and processed into rolls - even chrome-free! A great advantage of this product is the utilization rate of up to 100% of the roll. In comparison, an average of 40% of the waste of a leather hide is disposed of. This is also reflected in the final price of the cover!